Enya Vandenhende Collection

Jens and I did this shoot for a student of the Antwerp Fashion Academy.

I don’t like shooting photos for these people because they always finish everything last minute and they need their photos right away.

Planning with these kind of people is a hopeless task so i usually refuse these assignments but this time the theme was something in line in what i’m planning to do for a next ‘project’.

Also teaming up with Jens made it possible to do these kind of quick shoots.

Jens used his Canon 5D and some flashlights but because i’m a total loser with these kind of things i used my mamiya rb and natural light.

anyway, here are my shots.

pola enya sci-fi

scif-fi enya6 zonnebril bewerkt zw

scif-fi enya4 bewerkt

scif-fi enya1 bewerkt

scif-fi enya2 bewerkt

scif-fi enya3 bewerkt flat straight

Enya her inspiration were all the early sci-fi movies.


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