For Louise

I owed Louise €10 and she asked if i could drop the money in her mailbox.

But I was afraid it would get lost with the rest of her mail so i quickly made a drawing and a print on this envelope.

I also added some extras.


It’s has been a while since I last made a drawing or something like this.

So I think I’m going to do more things like this.

The print and the dia slide are photos I’ve taken for my Linkeroever series. I’m kind of stuck with it.

But I’m going to try a few new things out.

I recently discoverd I really love Imogen Heap especially when she sings live and using some loops/ vocoder.

how can you not love this.

Also if you don't know Zach Braff check out Scrubs, it's a hospital comedy series, but a real good one.

He directed movies such as Garden State which has a beautiful soundtrack.


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